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Canadian Customers - Free Shipping This Month:

Until October 26, customers with a Canadian shipping address will receive FREE shipping. No coupon code required at checkout. The only condition is that your order will be shipped on a Tuesday in October, usually the very next Tuesday.


EU Customers:

We have added the EU as a country choice for user profiles, and the shipping fee is now slightly lower than the previous "other" selection. When creating or editing a profile, the specific country is selected in the Province/State field. Profiles of existing customers have been changed to reflect this.


Signal Animator News

We are arranging for a new supply of Circuit Animator circuit boards in order to make this product available once again keep watching here for updates.

There are some minor changes coming to the product, which are outlined on its Product Page.


Interested in Expirementing with Occupancy Detection?

While our Quad Occupancy Detector is one of the lowest-cost way to detect occupancy, we have a limited-time special for those wishing to experiment with even less initial cost, and do so without first having to assemble a kit.

We have a limited supply of fully functional "Version 2" QODs available for the low cost of $1 per detector (that's $1 for a single, $2 for double, $3 for triple, and $4 for a fully-populated QOD) plus shipping. Version 2 was the second generation of our detector that pre-dates when we initially started selling the Version 3. These were used on our own layout beginning in 2009 until a recent re-wiring project involved using DIN rail board carriers that the older detector boards do not fit (Version 2 boards are 3" square, while current boards are 2.75" square).

These detectors have the same specifications as our Version 3 QOD. Like the Version 3, these only have a 1x6 header for the outputs, though some are straight and some are right-angle (like the one in the photo to the right). Also like the Version 3, they have a 3 amp maximum block current.

We will have a full count of available units shortly, but in the meantime you can send us an email for details on what is available and how to order them. Regular shipping rates apply, but free drop-off is available in parts of the GTA.

NOTE: These detectors are not ROHS compliant.


COVID-19 Issues:

We are pleased to say that it is business as usual for us in these unusual times. One of the benefits of being a cottage industry is that shelter-in-place provides more time. We have a good inventory of components, so if our site does not indicate there are units or kits that are ready-to-ship, these can be shipped within one day in most cases.

Our Signal Animator is the only product that is temporarily unavailable as we have run out of circuit boards.

Please note, shipping may be a little slower than usual due to limitations of the postal system under current conditions. For customers outside of Canada, it is likely that your country's customs clearing will be slower than usual as well. Several orders we have shipped spent the most time being cleared on entry to the destination country. If your order uses tracked shipping, you will be able to keep track of where it is at while it is on its way.

We continue to develop the new signalling system and hope to have some updated information on its evolution on this site soon.

Stay safe, and keep on railroading!


Bulk Packaging of Kits

When placing an order with more than two of the same kit, bulk packaging will be used. This means that instead of separately packaged kits, the ordered quantity of each component will be packaged together. One or two separate components needed for all kits will be in a plastic bag or IC tube with a label or labels applied to indicate what component is included. One hardcopy of the assembly and installation instructions will be included with the order.


Evolution of a Signalling System

Our article on the evolution of a Signalling System has been updated to outline the latest developments.

This article describes a currently working system that is not practical to market in its current design. The article describes its features and outlines the shortfalls that make is unmarketable. Then it outlines current plans to redevelop the system so that it can be sold as a product along with other items we offer.

If you are interested in signalling for your model railroad, or just curious, we encourage you to take a look at this article. There is an email link at the bottom for any questions or feedback.




We have added accessory items to our products page. This will include items for use with our products such as IC sockets, header plugs, spacers, and jumpers.


Traverser Power Supplies:

We now have a power supply suitable for the Traverser. It is a "wall wart" type power supply that provides 12 VAC at up to 750 mA, from a 120 VAC outlet (Canada and USA). The price is $8.99 on its own, but will only add $7 to a Traverser/QOD combo. See The Traverser product page for details.



Niagara Frontier Region Convention
We expect to be doing a clinic on Signalling and Block Detection.
However, this event has been postponed until an undetermined date.
Please check back to see this information as it is updated.