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Special Price for Fast Clock Display:

We are currently having a special on our Fast Clock Display assembled and tested units. Instead of our regular price of $66.99 each, the price has been reduced to $57.99.

As usual, quantity discounts apply starting at three units.


New Articles in the Works

With some recent work being done on our own home layout (power re-wiring and upgrading of signals), we are working on a couple of new articles. The first is an article on wiring techniques that can provide some ideas for your own layout wiring. We hope to have this article available in the next few weeks.

The second article will be on creating a signal plan. A signal plan basically maps out where signals will be located, and what type or style of signal is at each location. For signals at a controlled location and distant signals to a controlled location, it outlines what indications are required, which in turn determines what style of signal is needed. Having all that planned out will then make it easy to determine what will be needed (signals, electronics, etc.) and how they will be wired to provide the expected results. We are hoping to have this article available in early June.


COVID-19 Issues:

Everyting is still business as usual for us and everything is available.

Shipping remains a little slower than usual due to limitations of the postal system under current conditions. For customers outside of Canada, it is likely that your country's customs clearing will be slower than usual as well. Several orders we have shipped spent the most time being cleared on entry to the destination country. If your order uses tracked shipping, you will be able to keep track of where it is at while it is on its way.

We continue to develop the new signalling system and will have some updated information on its evolution soon. Our own layout has been undergoing a major rewiring and resignalling project over the past year and we hope to have a couple of new articles relating to these projects soon.

Stay safe, and keep on railroading!


Bulk Packaging of Kits

When placing an order with more than two of the same kit, bulk packaging will be used. This means that instead of separately packaged kits, the ordered quantity of each component will be packaged together. One or two separate components needed for all kits will be in a plastic bag or IC tube with a label or labels applied to indicate what component is included. One hardcopy of the assembly and installation instructions will be included with the order.


Interested in Expirementing with Occupancy Detection?

While our Quad Occupancy Detector is one of the lowest-cost way to detect occupancy, we have a limited-time special for those wishing to experiment with even less initial cost, and do so without first having to assemble a kit.

We have a limited supply of fully functional "Version 2" QODs available for the low cost of $1 per detector (that's $1 for a single, $2 for double, $3 for triple, and $4 for a fully-populated QOD) plus shipping. Version 2 was the second generation of our detector that pre-dates when we initially started selling the Version 3. These were used on our own layout beginning in 2009 until a recent re-wiring project involved using DIN rail board carriers that the older detector boards do not fit (Version 2 boards are 3" square, while current boards are 2.75" square).

These detectors have the same specifications as our Version 3 QOD. Documentation for the Version 3 QOD can be found at the bottom of our current version documentatoin page. Like the Version 3, these only have a 1x6 header for the outputs, though some are straight and some are right-angle (like the one in the photo to the right). Also like the Version 3, they have a 3 amp maximum block current.

We will have a full count of available units shortly, but in the meantime you can send us an email for details on what is available and how to order them. Regular shipping rates apply, but free drop-off is available in parts of the GTA.

NOTE: These detectors are not ROHS compliant.



Switch Machine Interface Now Available

Our new product, a connection interface for the Tortoise Switch Machine by Circuitron, is now available for ordering.

We now have our installation and assembly instructions for this product on our Documentation Page.

The development of this product is part of the development of our new signalling product line, Signal Master Plus (see our article on the evolution of a Signalling System. As the second set of SPDT contacts are needed for switch position status, an easier way to wire this would be to used a 3-conductor ribbon cable. This new product is available with either a 3-pin header plug (upper image to the right) or a 3-position terminal block (lower image to the right) for the second contacts.

There are two LEDs in series with the motor to provide an easy to see indication of the switch machine's position, provided it continuously receives power. One is green and one is yellow, and when ordering you can select which colour indicates the left position and which colour indicates the right position. We will be adding an application note on translating left/right to normal/reverse in the next few days.

Initial feedback from users of the version with the 3-pin header for status contacts, it has been found to be more convenient to have the header mounted on the bottom (as the LEDs are) instead of the top. Going forward, assembled units will have the header mounted on the bottom.



We have added accessory items to our products page. This will include items for use with our products such as IC sockets, header plugs, spacers, and jumpers.


Traverser Power Supplies:

We now have a power supply suitable for the Traverser. It is a "wall wart" type power supply that provides 12 VAC at up to 750 mA, from a 120 VAC outlet (Canada and USA). The price is $8.99 on its own, but will only add $7 to a Traverser/QOD combo. See The Traverser product page for details.