Product Documentation

Fast Clock Display


Card size:2.30" x 2.30"
Mounting hole size:0.125"
Suitable for #4 screws
Hardware:3.00" x 3.00" powder coated aluminium panel for fascia mounting.
0.125" mounting holes. Suitable for #4 screws
Power supply requirements:May be powered from cab bus or separate AC adapter. Current draw under 20 mA.
Display:7-segment LED display. 4 digits; Red 0.4" high.
Display Format:Time is displayed in 12- or 24-hour format, as configured by the NCE command station
In 12-hour format, PM is indicated by blinking colon
Cab bus connections:Two rear RJ-14 connectors for in-line bus connection,
One front panel RJ-14 connector for cab connection.
Included feature:Time/temperature function for on-layout display sign.
Requires small display, not yet available
ROHS compliant:Yes
Approximate kit assembly time:25 - 35 minutes